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The Covid Economy, a Year Later


This time last year, the World Health Organization recently had declared that the spread of Covid-19 constituted a worldwide pandemic. Stringent measures in the U.S. were being taken to slow the spread of Covid and “flatten the curve.” The lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders dealt a ...

The Covid Economy, a Year Later2021-04-12T11:29:44-06:00

What to Know About Biden’s Proposed Tax Policy


To fund his large-scale infrastructure initiative, President Biden is planning to increase taxes. While these plans are still subject to significant change, it is time to start learning about the proposed changes to see if you could be affected. Forewarned is forearmed. Today’s tax rates ...

What to Know About Biden’s Proposed Tax Policy2021-04-12T16:00:48-06:00

Avoiding 7 Retirement Traps


You have saved and invested for decades and you are gearing up for retirement, or maybe you have already left your job. While the idea of leaving your career behind may be appealing, it is a monumental change that can also be unsettling for some ...

Avoiding 7 Retirement Traps2021-04-12T11:27:05-06:00

Money Problems Couples Can Avoid


“Stop in the name of love, before you break my heart.” We know The Supremes weren’t alluding to the pitfalls couples face when they grapple over money issues. But our own experience tells us that money plus love can lead into minefields we’d rather ...

Money Problems Couples Can Avoid2021-03-30T10:54:07-06:00

New Year, Updated Tax Numbers for 2021


With 2021 upon us it’s important to be armed with the most up to date information. Here is a handy sheet with all kinds of key financial numbers that can help you determine what your tax bracket is, contribution limits, and even Medicare deductibles. ...

New Year, Updated Tax Numbers for 20212021-02-26T15:06:49-07:00

9 Tax Facts and Tips to Save You Money


Tax brackets and tax rates have changed. Every year, the tax brackets for taxable income are adjusted based on the rate of inflation. Table 1 illustrates your marginal tax bracket based on taxable income.Table 1: Tax brackets for 2020 The increased standard deduction has simplified ...

9 Tax Facts and Tips to Save You Money2020-12-14T09:55:28-07:00

9 Smart Planning Moves to Consider at Year-End


1. Review Your Income or Portfolio Strategy Are you reaching a milestone in your life such as retirement or a change in your personal circumstances? Has your tolerance for taking risk changed? We experienced historic volatility this year. The broad-based S&P 500 Index lost over ...

9 Smart Planning Moves to Consider at Year-End2020-12-14T09:30:59-07:00
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