What We Do – Christian Stewardship

ElderAdo Financial provides financial planning services including asset management, retirement accumulation and estate planning on a fee-only basis. The firm’s objective is to deliver customized financial advice that is unequaled in terms of quality from which the client can derive maximum value.

ElderAdo Financial offers customized asset management services matching the client’s return and risk requirements to a portfolio utilizing multiple investment asset classes, investment styles and portfolio managers which is designed, monitored and managed to achieve long-term investment objectives.

As a financial fiduciary, our goal is to consistently think and act in the complete best interest of clients in all the services we provide. That is why we have taken a sworn oath to accept no commissions or fees that might influence our choices. We understand that we are only successful through the success of our clients.

Our Services Include:

  • Personal Values Based Counseling To help ensure that your heart and wallet are on the same track, we coach you through a process to help you set your priorities and understand what is most important to you in your life.
  • Professional Specialized Advice On issues of sudden wealth, wealth management, socially responsible investing, retirement asset transfers and retirement distributions. These areas often require highly specialized training and planning due to their complexity and consequences. Few professionals have the depth of knowledge in taxation, estate planning, investments and coaching skills to successfully guide clients to implement smart choices about wealth and wealth transfer in the way that we do.
  • Money Management As a vital component to sound financial planning, we provide complete money management services to ensure that your plan is implemented and maintained in harmony with your overall financial plan. We take the worry out of our clients’ finances by ensuring that their portfolios stay wisely and professionally managed to meet their short and long-term goals.
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning that takes into consideration all of a client’s needs and goals, and is regularly reviewed and updated. We can assist you in financial planning for all stages of your life. Including employment compensation, Investments, Tax Planning and Estate Planning.

Private Family & Business Wealth Management

Private Family Wealth Management can help you provide for a comfortable, satisfied, worry-free retirement, efficient transfer of assets to the next generation, a satisfactory level of income for your comfortable lifestyle, and help answer the important question “Will I run out of money?” At ElderAdo Financial, Private Family & Business Wealth Management encompasses four investment avenues depending on what outcome you desire.

They are as follows:

Lifetime Wealth Strategies Investment Planning

  • Develop a strategic plan for you to follow as you work toward meeting your investment or retirement goals.

Portfolio Management Advisory Service

  • Develop a strategic investment plan based on your goals
  • Analyze and select investment assets
  • Provides personalized attention and service to your investments goals
  • Provides for ongoing period review of those investment goals

Worry-Free Lifestyle Retirement Planning

Our advisors help answer these key questions:

  • How much is enough?
  • Will I outlive my money?
  • What will my retirement look like?
  • How much money can I live on?

Lifetime with Significance Wealth Transition Planning

Deep planning that tackles many financial challenges:

  • How do I save on estate taxes, gift taxes, and income taxes?
  • How much will go to the designated beneficiary?
  • Will taxes destroy the assets I have grown?
  • Will the family business have to be sold?
  • How do I give to my favorite charity?
  • What financial team do I need to get this accomplished?

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning involves identifying your wants and needs, developing a plan to achieve them, acting on your plan and continually reviewing and revising your plan as you approach retirement. Like most areas of financial planning, retirement planning begins with defining your goals.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. At what age do I plan to retire?
  2. Will I start a new part-time career during retirement or never work again?
  3. How long do I think I’ll need my money to last?
  4. How much money will it take to support my household?
  5. How do I envision my lifestyle during retirement? Will I spend my days on the golf course, world travel or pursue a hobby?
  6. Where will I live when I retire?

Once you know where you’re going, it’s time to figure out how to get there. Through retirement planning, you’ll answer questions like:

  1.  What provisions do I need to make to take care of my health care during retirement years?
  2. How much money do I need to save to meet my goals?
  3. How should I invest to maximize my retirement savings?
  4. How will my assets, liabilities, expenses and savings change during retirement?

Planning for your future:

Saving and planning early for your retirement years will reap rewards in helping you to be prepared and secure. Thanks to the power of compounding, early planning means that just a small investment each year can create a portfolio large enough to meet your needs later in life and allow room for charitable works in God’s name.

Finding a good guide for managing the money that God has blessed you with can help you stay on course to meeting your goals. Start a conversation with us today to see if we can help.


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