Investing has become extremely complex, and we believe that successful investing requires adherence to a series of well defined principles. Our experience has helped us to define our investment philosophy.

  • Use money managers that have a track record of consistency.
  • Create an investor profile based upon your answers on our questionnaires.
  • Actively manage the accounts to take advantage of market changes.
  • Measure and monitor the portfolio regularly against the investor profile.
  • Focus on the big picture of the client’s goals.
  • Stick to the plan and periodically monitor changes in the client’s life.

In this world of complex and diverse choices, our team can simplify those choices and help you choose what is best for your unique situation.

Our Process

Our investment management process is consistent, careful, complete and ongoing. Based on a series of five steps, this process is designed to enhance our clients’ returns and reduce their investment risk

  1. We develop an individual investment profile based on your particular time horizon, the effect of inflation on your financial goals, and your attitude about investment risk.
  2. We recommend a personalized asset allocation policy based on the needs and objectives identified in Step 1. Our objective will be to maximize your returns in line with your risk tolerance, through careful diversification of your investment portfolio.
  3. We will implement an asset allocation policy by investing in a diversified portfolio of no-load mutual funds, individual stocks, bonds (both taxable and tax-free), certificates of deposit, and other investments.
  4. We will carefully monitor both the return and the risk of each investment in your portfolio, making sure that each one continues to serve your overall investment profile. When necessary, we will recommend rebalancing or repositioning of your assets.
  5. We will provide periodic reports to you including information on asset values, realized and unrealized gains and losses, dividends, interest and all other transactions. Most important, we will tell you the actual performance of your portfolio in clear, understandable rate of return reports.


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