How the Updated Retirement Laws May Affect You


The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019, popularly known as the SECURE Act, was signed into law in late 2019. Now called SECURE Act 1.0, it included provisions that raised the requirement for mandatory distributions from retirement accounts and increased access ...

How the Updated Retirement Laws May Affect You2023-01-24T10:28:43-07:00

2022 Year in Review


2022 was a difficult year for many. We saw war in Europe, spiking energy prices, high inflation, a volatile stock market, a tense mid-term election, and interest rate hikes to name a few. The favorable economic circumstances we had in the 2010s (low-interest rates, low ...

2022 Year in Review2023-01-24T10:28:13-07:00

Long Term Care and Your Options


Long-term care includes a whole host of services that you may require to meet various personal needs. And eventually, around 60% of us will need assistance with things many take for granted, according to the Administration for Community Living, a division of the U.S. Dept. of Health and ...

Long Term Care and Your Options2022-11-14T09:57:34-07:00

How to Protect Yourself Online


Cybersecurity is “the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks.” You may not be in the business of defending critical infrastructure from online threats. But fraud, identity theft, and online scams that target your finances pose significant challenges for everyone in today’s digital world. Armed with ...

How to Protect Yourself Online2022-11-14T09:57:14-07:00

Fall 2022 Economic and Market Update


What's the status of the TD Ameritrade/Charles Schwab merger?  What do the new IRS Agents mean for you?  What's happening in the global economy and how does that impact your investments?  What's going on with digital currencies?   Where are we now? What are we doing/monitoring in terms of your investments? ...

Fall 2022 Economic and Market Update2022-11-14T09:56:39-07:00

Volatile markets: a chance to clean up portfolios and retirement strategies


When markets are as volatile as what we’ve been experiencing, it can actually be a good time to make progress toward your long-term financial objectives. No matter what’s happening in the economy and financial markets, we’re always on the lookout for ways to bring you ...

Volatile markets: a chance to clean up portfolios and retirement strategies2022-07-28T13:42:26-06:00

Volatile Markets: Don’t rely on headlines for guidance on when to invest


Falling markets and drastic headlines can tempt individuals to abandon their long-term investing plans. Their thinking might go something like, let’s wait until it’s over, hoping to catch the market at its lowest point before buying in. Or in rising markets, maybe they seek to ...

Volatile Markets: Don’t rely on headlines for guidance on when to invest2022-06-09T14:49:12-06:00
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