Fee-Only Financial Advisor Firm in Montrose CO


We envision a society where people will release their grip from the false security of wealth and rightfully place God at the center and as the provider of all things.  As individuals and families practice good stewardship with what He has entrusted to them, they will have the resources to be generous and glorify God. As they honor God with discipline and obedience, families will be healed, communities will come together and our nation will be healed.


By refocusing financial planning on Christ and on Biblical values, our mission is to walk along side of clients to seek Godly wisdom and to help our clients be better stewards of what God has given them.  By understanding the unique needs of each family and how their needs change through the stages of life, we will work with them to apply Biblical wisdom to real life in America.


A financial planner should have some basic values. They should be honest and straightforward. They should have strong moral and ethical values, using good judgment to apply the highest of integrity to every decision. They should offer complete transparency when it comes to operations and compensation. They should be caring, respectful, and empathetic. They should be reliable, dependable, and the kind of person who calls you back promptly. Their service team should act the same way. On every occasion they should act in the client’s best interest.

We strive to apply these core values, but because of our unique role in walking along side of clients in stewardship, we feel we have a special calling to go over and beyond these responsibilities.


As a Christian financial planner, we commit to the following:·

  • We will seek to be well informed and up to date on the world’s economic and financial system.
  • We will filter these findings through the truth of the Bible
  • We will ask for and seek Godly wisdom
  • We will rely on God and the truth of scripture.
  • We will strive to do what is best for the client and their family now and in light of eternity.
  • God will be welcome and wanted in our discussions.


Success will not be measured by assets under management or fees, but by our own obedience, contentment, generosity and that of our clients.

If you would like to learn more about our Christian values and how we apply them to our financial planning services, please Contact Us and let us know your questions.


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