Before deciding to work with Elderado Financial, learn more about us:

Step 1 – Investigate – Please learn all about our Christian financial services by browsing our website, including Our Process, Our Values and Meet Our Team.

Step 2 – Research – Check out our firm, Elderado Financial, with the regulators at the Securities and Exchange Commission and review any customer feedback at the Better Business Bureau.

Step 3 – Review – Read a copy of the required form EFI Form ADV Part 2A & 2B and review our Asset Management Program Agreement.

Step 4 – Questionnaire – Send us a completed confidential information form. The Questionnaire can be completed online or you can print and fill it in by hand. You may email the completed form to [email protected] or fax it to 970-252-3940. Feel free to include other financial documents that you wish to discuss.

Step 5 – Interview – Once we receive the questionnaire we will contact you to set up a conference call. During the conference call, we will address your concerns and interests regarding your finances.

Step 6 – Partnering – You decide if you wish for us to help you on your journey fulfilling your financial goals and objectives by completing the Asset Management Agreement and all necessary forms.

Step 7 – Build and Monitor – We will design a comprehensive plan that addresses your financial challenges and manage your assets according to your personal goals and objectives. You will receive regular emails, phone calls and newsletters. We expect to meet with our clients periodically for a comprehensive discussion of their situation.